Idioms – Middle School ELA


This video is a good example of how we use idioms.


Idioms are phrases that do not mean exactly what they say. Discuss this example: “The homework for today is a piece of cake!”

  • What does this phrase mean?
  • Is the homework easy or hard? Why?

Give several more examples of idioms and discuss their meanings.


Students choose 10 idioms off of the list you’re displaying in class. They each write 10 sentences, one sentence using an idiom. Then, partner students together and have them share their sentences with each other.

Look up idioms is the Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms (Marvin Terban), if available. Discuss the explanations with a partner.

Write a story using as many idioms as possible.


Why do we use idioms? How do we use idioms?

Extension Activity

Draw pictures to represent idioms.