What is The American Dream?


Brainstorm what comes to mind with the word “success.” Write the words and phrases on the board. Then have students complete the anticipation guide.


Next, watch the following video. Students are required to take notes from the video, which they will turn in at the end of class (they must have at least four major points).

Discuss key points.

Read “American Dream Faces Harsh New Reality.”


Come up with several discussion questions for the article. List each question on the board for all students to see. In small groups, students discuss each question with their peers. (You may need to point students to certain parts of the article that will help students to answer the question.) Then, each group is assigned one question to answer in writing. Finally, as an entire class, each group shares their written paragraph. Discuss.

Extension Activity

Make connections about what the class has just discussed about the American Dream to literature.


Take a look at the anticipation guide again. Would the students now make any changes to their original answers?