Writing Sentences: Dress-Ups and Openers


  • “-ly” adverb
    • adds to a verb: I _____ run. I _____ study.
    • careful — there are some “ly” words that aren’t actually adverbs (friendly, chilly).
  • who/which clause
    • who – for people
    • which – for things
    • animals – acting like a person = “who”; otherwise, “which”
  • strong verb
    • Verb test: “I ________.”
    • Does it give a strong image or feeling?
    • banned verb list: thought, said, go/went, see/saw
    • brainstorm substitutes for the “banned” words.
  • because
  • quality adjective
    • Adj. test: “The _____ pen.”
    • Does it give a strong image or feeling?
    • Banned adjective list: good, bad
  • adverbial clause
    • You don’t have to know what an adverbial clause actually is in order to use one!
    • Use one of these words: when, while, where, as, since, if, although. (Needs to be memorized.)